My memories are made up of. . . . |

My memories are made up of. . . . |.

My memories are made up of. . . .

I will be visiting family during the next 2 weeks, and may not be able to blog everyday.      xo S
48148_170176909805972_1016519062_nDo you have good memories?  

We all have memories that we wish we didn’t remember!
But, what about the good ones?  Are you able to recall these, and use them to soften and heal from the others?  Are there places where you feel that forgiveness is “not deserved”.  I have memories like this in my life, and fortunately, I’ve forgiven most.

What about the sad memories of a beloved family, friend, or a pet who has died?  I have memories like this in my life.  The power of Love heals, where the passing of time can seem endless and hard.

What do you recall, in your memory, today?  We’ve all heard this quote:  “Yesterday is past, tomorrow is but a dream, today is a gift, and that’s why it’s called, THE PRESENT”.  My wish for you is that you decide to let go, or lose the grip of even one “bad or sad” memory, and to begin the journey of healing it today, with forgiveness and love.

Namaste’, sharon