We are great in our self doubt.. whether we wish to admit it or not.
For that is what worry IS
Can I Really be a Good Person, Good Parent, Good Spouse??
Can I Really do this Job?

Worse.. what if I can’t??

Last couple days.. been beating myself up over “What If’s” in a big way.. not sure why some days those What If’s seem sooo Much bigger than reality.. but they Do have their days..LOL

Well all do it 🙂 and been reading a couple friends Blogs that let me know.. This week has been a hard one on Many

“It’s so funny how like minds connect at the “right” times….so many times I have giggled over the synchronicity, I just love it!” Sharon Gilbertson

My FB feed is full of these moments.. either everyone is hurting and posting I need this feel better Post… Share 🙂

or everyone is posting jokes.. sometimes a bit of both

Next time the worlds energies Have you thinking “What the Hell?”

Arise from the flames of your Tortured ego.. and Notice..
Know your not alone… see the connections all around you

Then go outside feel the “Cleansing energies of the rain” the great “You are alive” energies of the Sun.. or the “wondrous Imagination inspiring energies” of the Moon and the Stars

Allow your mind to just take it in and let your “fires for Life” burn away the worries.. :))

Tonight I thank the Cleansing Rain.. and maybe tomorrow I’ll have to Thank againnn 😉
That to is ok..
soon I’ll just do it to energize my Fire to NEW HEIGHTS

As we all can… When we remember ;))

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