Dustiest Corners

Dustiest Corners

We all have Soul Friends.. those who’s smile can light even the darkest shadows of our mixed up souls
None of us are Truly alone..

yet we place walls around us so None can feel our Pain.. though some will find a little Window to peak into Occasionally.. WHY??

Are we are embarrassed that we are not stronger??
are we afraid they will not Like those Dusty Confused Corners??
Because we wish to protect the ones we Love??

From What?? US?? The Very people they Love??

We all want to be strong for those we care about so they won’t worry…


More than Anything I “Hate” being left out of my friends Pain, issues, confusion
Why?? Mostly …there is very little I Can really Do

Which is Why I leave them out of Mine!!

Ahhhh… but is that REALLY True!
Hmmm… I wonder??

When someone catches you “Off Guard” and you Vent.. you rant even.. you Cry..

Don’t you FEEL Even a little more like you can now .. Maybe..

Just Maybe deal with it ??

Sometimes your even Luckier and they will throw you a “Thought” you never thought Of
or even a PLAN.. or maybe just a touch.. a hug to say.. your still OK by Me :))

Or a Smile..
so Bright it can Light the Darkest Shadows of your Mind

Take a Chance.. Be a Friend.. and Share the Dustiest Corners of your Messed up Soul :))
We alllll Have them

2 thoughts on “Dustiest Corners

  1. ( : Love REAL people!! Hugs!

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